The building, which occupies the southeastern corner of the Campus Diagonal Besós, consists of two volumes: one volume of four stories that are geared towards the central Rambla of the Campus and a seven plants volume oriented towards the Ronda Litoral. Between the two volumes is provided a longitudinal central courtyard, from north to south, crossed by two corridors, allowing natural ventilation and lighting of the central areas. To the west the front moves toward the Rambla, defining a covered patio that allows natural lighting and ventilation in the basement laboratories. In the two underground floors the building occupies the entire area within the service tunnel and the area of building A and J, establishing the complete connection with the entire Campus, where the basement -2 intended parking, or sectioned connection where the basement -1, intended for laboratories. The plants are organized into circulation rings that connect the three centers of circulation, with glass corridors that cross the central courtyard and side or central corridors parallel to the patio, so that each floor is divided into strips of varying width. The two communications centers of the high block are sectored from the rest of the plant. Communication spaces have a strong visual connection to the outside, either at their ends, in connection links, or contact areas with terraces or incoming front, so as to improve the conditions of visual projection and comfort them and strengthen their role as unifying elements of the building. Within the smooth envelope consisting of the anodized aluminum slats, adjustable or forming panels, are a series of recesses of varying depth that project outward from the circulation spaces, becoming at the same time, reference holes in the different views of the building. To the east there is a hole torn entering the rotation of the building to the south, encouraging the view to the sea. The top three floors are crossed by a vertical hole that produces an open courtyard in front, balancing the relationship with both the hollow in the third floor as the ground floor porch. To the west a vertical hole drilled in front of the block both low as the high, defining a clear cross-section in continuing the building fronts to the Rambla.
Developer  (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
Build surface area  11.946,56 m2
Total budget  12.185.600 €
Location  Campus Diagonal Besós. Barcelona.
Competition date  March 2010
Project date July 2011
Programme  Laboratories, work rooms, offices
Awards  Competition first prize