The assembling of the volumes set out in the Metropolitan Water Park project is created by the complementary relationship between the two prismatic volumes of the building. Whereby the volume corresponding to the ground floor establishes the closest relationship to the avenue. The entrance appearing as an insert in the encircling glass wall where a clearly horizontal proportion emerges above a covered garden area, the covering intended to encourage the use of the area. The orientation of the volume of the ground floor, (the most public of the zones in the building) gently slides towards the east the volume of the four floors with its central core, a flexible organization of the different floors –or its later compartmentalization– is thereby allowed and the under cover area’s vertical position is reinforced by the encirclement of its area. This volume characterized by the autonomy proportioned to its projection by the inner body and by its double vitreous skin formed by the crystallized inner façade and the enveloping glass panes which are arranged at the far end of the boundary of the footbridge which surrounds the upper floors. Respecting the quality of the thermal and acoustic controls which this system intends and adding to it to the role of giving the building a changing and multi-faceted feature as part of the reflections which the different angles of the sun can produce in the different facades –treated according to its orientation– proportioning a singular vision within strict volumetric perimeters which must strengthen the long-term outlook of the building.
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Lighting Concepts 2009
Construir con acero. Arquitectura en España 1993-2007. 2009.
Developer  Expoagua Zaragoza 2008 S.A.
Build surface area  5.351,57 m2
Location  Av. Ranillas / Av. Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Zaragoza.
Competition date  September 2005
Project date  May 2006
Construction start  November 2007
Programme  Parking floor, Archives and storerooms, Press Center, offices, meeting rooms. offices for the UN Secretariat for the 2005-2015 international decade of water.
Awards  Competition first prize / Second prize García Mercadal Award. 2008 / Pre-finalist at the Award Lamp Lighting Solutions 09 / Pre-finalist at the X Biennial of Spanish Architecture. 2009
Photographer  Pedro Pegenaute